Google Data Studio

Google data studio
Google Data Studio

By pulling data from Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other tools automatically, Google Data Studio provides a single convenient reporting interface, and saves precious time and resource. Furthermore, Data Studio is a real-time, dynamic reporting tool, which means you can view your website’s data on any given day and see live updates on the statistics that matter most to you. Using this tool also ensures that your reporting is of the highest standard and not susceptible to human error. This means that statistics and data will always be displayed correctly – as long as your analytics tracking is implemented correctly. With Google Data Studio, you can make sure that your business reporting is in line with the latest technological capability available in digital analysis and marketing.

Custom reports

As well as being efficient, Google Data Studio is also entirely customisable. We can tailor your report to include exactly the data you want to see at any given time. We can include any and every metric. These include important business objectives and engagement metrics, such as: 1) Overall conversions. 2) Revenue. 3) Primary and secondary goal completions. 4) Unique users. 5) Sessions. 6) Average session duration. 7) Bounce rate. You can also switch between every channel applicable to your website’s marketing efforts when viewing metrics, including organic, direct, referral, paid, email and social.

Our approach

We offer a fast, expert-led and all-inclusive Data Studio service that can be tailored to your exact tastes – you can see as little or as much reported as you want, depending on what’s truly important for your company’s online activity.

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